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Kinetics Ltd. established in 1985, is a world leader in the area of NBC Detection, Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) / Environmental Control Systems (ECS), Auxiliary Power Units (APU), Life Support Systems (LSS) and Individual Crew & Equipment Cooling Systems (ICECS). Our NBC System offer the latest in NBC/CBRN protection technologies. Kinetics’ NBC System assures maximum safety with minimum logistics and low life cycle costs.  Kinetics also provides Hydraulic Turret & Gun Control Systems, Rocket Launchers Control Systems and range of airborne hydraulic systems & components. 
Our NBC Detection and other products are fielded on board of wide range of military platforms including wheeled & tracked Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV), Tactical Vehicles, Mobile and Stationary Shelters, Tents, Rocket Launchers, Aircraft & Helicopters.

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