Life Support Systems (LSS)

Individual Cooling

Kinetics’ Individual Crew and Equipment Cooling System (ICECS) was developed by Kinetics to provide solution for crew (and equipment) cooling for special applications. The ICCS technology offers excellent cooling at minimal power consumption and it is also very effective where a cabin can't be sealed or if it is required to operate a vehicle with open hatches. ICECS can be provided as a standalone system or as part of comprehensive Life Support System (LSS) providing ultimate solution for CBRN Military. ICECS is fielded since 1997.

The ICECS concept is based on cooled and dried air that is delivered by a special Air-Conditioner to Air-Cooled Overalls and/or Vests. This air flow around the upper torso of each crewman enables the body to naturally cool itself.

Typical applications where ICECS as standalone or as part of Life Support System (LSS) is an adequate solution are:

• On Main Battle Tanks (MBT) and Self Propelled Howitzers (SPH) where power availability in the turret is very limited and in open hatches operation is required in some modes.
• On special application vehicles (e.g. Command Post, Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare, Police Mission, etc.) where crew and equipment must be optimally cooled also when the vehicle is operated with open ramp or hatches.
• CBRN Military – where crew can be optimally cooled and protected with the unique NBC Protected and Air-Cooled Overalls.

Special features of the ICECS as standalone or as part of Life Support System (LSS):

• Energy saving of up to 70% compared with conventional air-conditioner
• Careful human engineering design assures maximum comfort to the crew while operating the vehicle in harsh conditions
• Optimal cooling is achieved also in open cabin
• Maximum comfort is achieved also in CBRN Military mode
• Maintenance-Free System and Self-Cleaning Heat-Exchangers
• Power Management Control optimizes the ICCS power draw whenever power is insufficient
• Computerized control that allows flexibility in changing operational features by software upgrade

• Networking with main vehicle computer
• Diagnostics

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