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Founded in 1985, Kinetics Ltd. develops, tests, qualifies and produces systems and components for Military Platforms including Wheeled & Tracked Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV), Tactical Vehicles, Mobile and Stationary Shelters, Tents, Rocket Launchers, Aircraft & Helicopters.

As a world leader in the area of Life Support Systems (LSS), Kinetics provides advanced solutions of integrated Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) , Chemical Biological Radiation & Nuclear Protection & Detection (NBC / CBRN) and Auxiliary Power Units (APU).

In the area of Hydraulics, Kinetics provides complete Turret & Gun Drive SystemsRocket & Missile Launchers Control Systems and Hydraulics for Aircraft and Helicopters.

Among its customers, Kinetics counts many militaries and platform OEMs, and its products are fielded on dozens of military platforms worldwide, including:

Wheeled & Tracked Armored Vehicles:  AMV, BRADLEY, MRAP, M113, M577, PIRANHA 3-4, PANDUR-2 , STRYKER, NAMER...

Tanks, Howitzers & Rocket Launchers: GRIZZLY, HIMARS, M1A1, M1A2/A2SEP, M9-ACE, M48/M60, M109, MERKAVA 2-3-4, PALADIN, T54/55, T72...

Aircraft & Helicopters: CHINOOK, F16, KC767, KC135R , B737, DC10, MD11...

Kinetics is a compact entrepreneurial organization that has the ability to quickly respond to changes in technical and operational requirements and to effectively support customer’s requirements for development and production.

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