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Kinetics has a wide range of test equipment and facilities for endurance, qualification and acceptance tests of its products:

Climatic Chambers
8 Climatic chambers for acceptance testing of Air-Conditioning units, enabling precise control of heat load: temperature and relative humidity, including measurements of: air and refrigerant pressures, airflows, temperature and relative humidity

Environmental Testing
Environmental testing facilities including special fixture for MIL-STD-810 vibration and shock testing, chemical immersion testing, temperature chambers for hot and cold operating temperatures and controlled humidity loading

Refrigerant Leak Detection
The refrigerant leak detection is in use for detecting pinpointing refrigerant leakage in the various systems that are in production by the company

Helium Leak Detection
Helium leak detection test stations are used for leak detection in tightly sealed components

Aerodynamic Test Setups
Various test set-ups for performance testing of electric air blowers, fans, air filters and dust separators. Test setups include capability for controlled dust loading and also include pressure and airflow measurements

Electrical and Electronic Testing
Current, voltage and resistance measurement, including dynamic response measurement for solenoids and coils, automated test equipment for electronic control units and electrical harnesses

Mechanical Test Setups
Various mechanical test set-ups including automated repetitive actuation of telescopic handles, and brake pedals for endurance testing.

Hydraulic test stands
Around 50 different hydraulic test stands for various fluids at varying capacities up to 150 HP

Hot gas aircraft valves test stand
Test set up for jet engine hot air valves

Computerized data-acquisition systems 

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