Auxiliary Power Units (APU)

The use of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) on Main Battle Tanks (MBT), Self Propelled Howitzers (SPH), Tactical vehicles and other special purpose Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV) becomes common. Kinetics' Auxiliary Power Units offer cost effective solution for military vehicles / platforms when:

  • Silent & low thermal signature operation is required
  • The vehicle main generator can't cater for the full power demand
  • Saving in fuel and operational cost is required

Kinetics has developed a family of heavy duty / automotive Auxiliary Power Units


for military applications. The Auxiliary Power Unit is usually packaged to meet specific external and internal installation requirements of each application. The Auxiliary Power Units are available as standalone units or integrated with Life Support System (LSS-APU).


Auxiliary Power Units

are available in power range of 2–10 kW and 24-28VDC output voltage or high AC or DC voltage.

Some features of Kinetics' Auxiliary Power Unit:

  • Compact design allowing installation even in vehicle sponson
  • Can be operated as Co-Generation System when the main engine of the vehicle is operating and the vehicle is stationary or moving. In this mode the APU complements the main vehicle Generator to provide the full power demand of the vehicle
  • Low noise and thermal signature
  • Advanced dust separation technology (by Kinetics) assures reliable APU operation in heavy dust conditions
  • Very low Life Cycle Costs (LCC) assures return on investment within short period of operation
  • Computerized control that allows flexibility in changing operational features by software upgrade
  • Networking with main vehicle computer
  • Diagnostics

Auxiliary Power Unit - APU

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