Environmental Control Unit (ECU Military)

Kinetics has developed a family of advanced, heavy duty Environmental Control Unit (ECU Military) for Military & Heavy Duty Civil Shelters & Tents.
The Shelters / Tents are typically equipped with communication, control and other electronic equipment where heat removal is essential.
The ECU Military Environmental Control Unit provides cooled and dried air to the crew and equipment in the Shelter / Tents, as well as optional heating & NBC/CBRN Protection.
Kinetics' ECU Military, Split or Integrated, are designed for vertical or horizontal wall mounting.

Some features of Kinetics' ECU Military Systems:

  * Operational Temperature: -5°C to +50°C (23°F to +122°F )
  * Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant
  * Built in Communication Link
  * EMI – Qualified to MIL-STD-461
  * Environmental Conditioned: Qualified to MIL-STD-810
  * Power : 3Ph 380 VAC 50Hz, or 1Ph 220VAC 50Hz
     - Optional : 3P 220 VAC 60Hz, or 1P 110VAC 60Hz
  * Integrated NBC Protection (Optional)


 Kinetics ECU 24BTU for Shelters
Kinetics ECU 24BTU for Shelters 

 Kinetics ECU 24BTU for Shelters 


 Kinetics ECU 24BTU installed on Shelter

 Kinetics ECU 36BTU for Shelters

 Kinetics ECU 36BTU for Shelters  Kinetics ECU 24BTU installed on Shelter

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