Life Support Systems (LSS)

Life Support System

Life Support System (LSS) is an integrated solution, for military vehicles / platforms, providing all or some of the following functions:

• NBC / CBRN System for Protection & Detection (NBCS)
• Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC)
• Individual Crew Cooling System (ICCS)
• Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

Kinetics has been developing and producing the

Life Support System

and the CBRN System for military applications since 1992, having unique experience in providing optimal, customized LSS and

CBRN System

solutions for each client and application. Life Support System on a military vehicle offer:

• Excellent survivability in NBC / CBRN conditions
• Enhanced crew performance while operating in extremely high temperature, humidity and dust conditions
• Ultimate crew cooling while using ICCS, including in open vehicles
• Reduced sound and thermal signature by using APU in silent operation
• Reduced Life Cycle Costs and Logistics while using APU instead of expensive main-engine hours

Thousands of Kinetics' Life Support Systems and CBRN Systems are installed on military platforms worldwide, including: Wheeled & Tracked Armored & Infantry Fighting Vehicles (AFV / IFV), Main Battle Tanks (MBT), Self Propelled Howitzers (SPH), and Tactical Trucks & Vehicles.

Life Support System and CBRN Systems

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