Life Support Systems (LSS)


Life Support System integrated with Auxiliary Power Unit (LSS-APU) is a comprehensive solution, for military vehicles / platforms, providing all the functions as a LSS (i.e. CBRN System/CBRN Detection and HVAC) and additionally, when the main engine is off the APU Military:

  • Allows LSS (HVAC/ECS & CBRN System/CBRN Detection) operation
  • Provides power for batteries charging and onboard equipment operation
  • Allows silent mode operation (low noise and thermal signature)
  • Reduces the operational costs of the vehicle

LSS-APU with its APU Military is an optimal solution for special task vehicles such as;

  • Command Post
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Surveillance
  • Reconnaissance
  • NBC/CBRN Reconnaissance & Decontamination
  • Engineering Support

For logistic reasons LSS-APU solution usually consist of two major LRU's;

  • LSS Box - Identical to the LSS installed on the regular IFV/APC of the relevant fleet
  • APU Military Box - That is usually installed on the roof of the vehicle and consists of a Diesel Engine, secondary Compressor and Condenser

Some LSS-APU is provided as one integrated LRU.

Hundreds of Kinetics' LSS-APU are in service worldwide on wheeled & tracked special purpose vehicles.

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